We need a strong Democratic majority to protect our values.
— Jeff Hart

I am an environmentalist who spent his childhood exploring our state parks and our beautiful Rocky Mountains. 

I’m running to be your next State Representative because we need a strong Democrat to stand up to the oil and gas companies who wreak havoc on our state and are destroying our climate without penalty.

I moved here at the age of 4 when my dad began work at the Lowry Air Force Base. Growing up, I was blessed with great teachers, easy access to libraries, and the option to work my way through college at the University of Colorado at Denver. I married my best friend, Roxy, over 40 years ago and we have lived in the Bonnie Brae neighborhood of House District 6 for 25 years.

In many ways, I lived the American Dream - a dream that is now out of reach for many Coloradans.

It is a moral imperative that Coloradans receive a living wage, affordable college tuition, Paid Family and Sick Leave, a great school in every neighborhood, and access to healthcare. We must also do better for our seniors, ensuring they have affordable housing and greater access to services. Only a strong Democratic majority can achieve this.

I have been your neighbor, your volunteer, your Denver Democratic Party representative, and your friend. I would be honored to have your support and your vote as your next State House Representative.

I married my high school sweetheart, Roxy. She's the heart of this campaign and my best friend. I am still crazy about her after all these years.