After more than three decades at the Government Accountability Office and Environmental Protection Agency in Denver, Jeff was trained by Vice President Al Gore and toured the state to present the the Vice President's slideshow and presentation made famous in the documentary, An Inconvenient Truth.

Together, they took on the Bush Administration over climate change - and won. 

This grassroots campaign began when Jeff Hart saw how much oil & gas companies were influencing our elections and getting away with polluting our beautiful state. 

So Jeff, co-founder of Clean Slate Now with the late Sen. Ken Gordon, decided to run an ethical and transparent campaign, free of special interest money.

Combating Climate Change

Ken Salazar stands with jeff!

Ken Salazar stands with jeff!

Earth’s climate crisis is real and is already having profound impact on everything from weather patterns to national security.

With nearly 20 years experience as a senior manager with the Environmental Protection Agency, Jeff understands the challenges our planet faces and will be prepared on day one to offer substantive solutions to combat climate change.

Taking immediate and decisive action, Jeff will hold oil and gas companies accountable and demand they make serious efforts to offset their contribution to the state’s greenhouse gas emissions as well as pay their fair share in taxes.

His legislative agenda also includes reducing traffic congestion with transit-oriented smart development and leveraging state-of-the-art “smart highway” technologies,particularly on state highways like State Highway 2 (Colorado Boulevard) and State Highway 40/I-70.

Jeff believes we can both grow our economy and protect the environment with initiatives that accelerate our transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy and support the green job sector of tomorrow right here in Colorado.

Have you ever seen an asthmatic child or senior struggle to breathe on a “bad air quality” day?

I have, and that is not okay with me.
— Jeff Hart

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