TABOR is a law that is primarily responsible for our school funding crisis, and Jeff has led citizen efforts to fight it. Without a properly funded education system, our state will only become less equitable. The deficit is especially severe in K-12 Special Education and college funding.


Jeff Hart is proudly endorsed by the American Federation of Teachers. "I stand with teachers, education professionals, students, and their families.

We must put our children above profits and say NO to the corporate special interests that threaten our way of life."


Jeff opposes current “reform” efforts that seek to increase standardized testing and eliminate teachers unions, as well as privatize our public schools.

 Jeff knows firsthand the importance of having an excellent public school in every neighborhood and will defend every child’s right to a quality public education.

Nowhere is school choice more critical than in our low-income neighborhoods. Families struggling to get by working multiple minimum-wage jobs don’t have resources, time away from work, or transportation options to get their child across town to attend the school of their choice.

Instead of punishing teachers, Jeff believes the state should give them more support and treat them like the professionals that they are.

“If we judged elected officials for performance the way we do teachers, I don’t think we’d have many legislators left.”


Conversations with Jeff: Leading for Education