Jeff co-founded CleanSlateNow with the late Sen. Ken Gordon to bring real campaign finance reform in Colorado. 

Jeff has not only pledged to reject all PAC and Special Interest money - he has proudly accepted Colorado’s voluntary campaign spending limits. His campaign is run by dedicated volunteers.

As your Representative, he will fight to bring a proven system of public financing of campaigns to our state and make Colorado a leader in campaign finance reform.

Jeff is a fierce advocate for campaigns to overturn Citizen’s United, - and Colorado citizens voted 74% in favor of Amendment 65, which rejected the notorious ruling that approved limitless campaign contributions and expenditures.


Jeff is the Clean Slate Candidate - because corporate special interests shouldn't be writing the Democratic Party platform.


Did you know? Contribution limits for Small Donor Committees is $4,850 per election cycle. Jeff refuses Small Donor Committee money, and is the only one in this race doing so (cite).

Jeff does not accept PAC money - even from progressive organizations that have endorsed him.  "I am running to prove this can be done the grassroots way," says Jeff.

Jeff also refuses donations from known lobbyists, whether formally "registered" as such or not, because he thinks it is a quid pro quo system.

You can view contributions and expenditures of campaign and Independent Expenditure Committees at the Secretary of State's website here.

Getting Rid of Dark Money

There are unchecked sums of cash flooding Colorado campaigns because corporations and special interest groups can form Independent Expenditure Committees and spend any amount of money for or against a candidate or issue.

"It's a threat to democracy," says Jeff, who has been the target of such IEs. 

"Most of this money shifts hands between multiple businesses and groups and no one knows where it really comes from.

When voters get a piece of campaign mail, they rarely check the disclosure."


Conversations with Jeff: Leading for Democracy


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"Jeff is the only candidate not taking special interest money - he is a true public servant."

— Mark Mehringer, co-founder, CleanSlateNow Action