Together, We Win: AFL-CIO Endorses Jeff Hart for HD6

I'm proud to announce that I have been endorsed by AFL-CIO Colorado, our largest statewide labor organization. Colorado AFL-CIO represents over 300,000 statewide union workers and their families.

I am the only candidate in this race to receive this honor - this endorsement required 2/3rds of the vote at the Colorado AFL-CIO Biennial COPE Convention, held last weekend.

This campaign has fought for a better, more equitable Colorado - a Colorado where every voice is heard, regardless of wealth or political position. 

I have not been shy about solidarity with the Fight for $15 movement, my support of Verizon strike workers, or my belief in kicking corporate money out of elections. 

Primaries are about our values as Democrats. As you know, I haven't taken a dime from big business groups that are fighting against a living wage, Family and Medical Leave, affordable healthcare, or economic justice.

I am proud to stand with our union brothers and sisters. I know that when we stand together, we can accomplish anything.