Rep. Joe Salazar: Jeff puts people first

Jeff Hart has received the endorsement of State Representative Joseph Salazar.

What we need at the State Capitol are elected officials who will really fight for the people and the environmentWe have too many people who say they will, but then side with big corporations and oil and gas interests.

"I endorse Jeff Hart because he places the best interests of the people and our environment first," said Salazar.

Hart was proud to have Salazar's support.

"I've watched Representative Salazar stand up to oil and gas companies. I've seen him fight for what's right, taking principled stands against members of our own Party because he thought it was best for his constituents. 
Joe needs another environmentalist in the House. 

"I plan on joining Joe in the Doghouse soon."


Maggie Fox, Senator Udall Stand with Jeff

Maggie & Mark: Jeff is the Best Candidate to Protect Colorado's Way of Life

Jeff Hart has received the endorsement of former U.S. Senator Mark Udall and progressive policy leader Maggie Fox.

"Jeff’s public policy experience and expertise will be an asset in working for passage of bipartisan legislation in the General Assembly to protect Colorado’s families, businesses, our very way of life," said Senator Udall.

Maggie Fox, former President and CEO of the Climate Reality Project, worked together with Jeff and former Vice President Al Gore to train climate leaders in the US and around the world.

Fox said, "I am confident that Jeff has the commitment and conviction to meet the challenges and opportunities presented by climate change to continue Colorado's leadership in creating a new 21st Century clean energy economy."

Hart, who spent 19 years at the Environmental Protection Agency and 15 at the GAO, said, "I am honored to receive the formal endorsement of two Colorado leaders: Maggie Fox and Mark Udall. I remain committed to real action on climate change and finding common-sense solutions that work for all Coloradans."

Jeff is also endorsed by former Secretary of the Interior and former U.S. Senator Ken Salazar.

His campaign slogan, "A Clean Election for a Clean Environment" underscores his passion for both the environment and campaign finance reform.

On freedom: Juneteenth and Social Justice


Friend -

Yesterday was Juneteenth, a day that marks the abolition of slavery in Texas and throughout the Confederate South. I wasn't feeling well and Roxy was out for much of the day, so it gave me time to reflect.

There is a quote that's been running through my mind since the Orlando massacre on our LGBTQ and Latino/a brothers and sisters. It's attributed to the social justice advocate and poet Emma Lazarus and was later made famous by Dr. King. 

"Until we are all free, we none of us are free."

In an America where a racist, bigoted charlatan is a top contender for the highest office in the land, I worry what that says about us as a country. 

Lazarus is most famous for her poetry - it is her words that are on the pedestal at the Statue of Liberty. Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. 


Lately, this country has been in a serious conversation about freedom. Freedoms like holding your partner's hand without fear of being targeted for a hate crime. Freedoms like driving your car without dying at the hands of a police officer. Freedoms like moving through life without fear of sexual assault.

I wanted to share a few things I think the General Assembly needs to focus on in the next session - concrete steps to move us towards a freer, safer, more equitable and just Colorado. 

Abolishing the death penalty. The only three people on Death Row in Colorado are black men. Not only should we not kill people in the name of good government, but you cannot separate the rampant racism in our criminal justice system from the death penalty. It is long overdue that we abolish it.

Equity in our school system. We need to repeal TABOR and start funding our schools adequately - but TABOR is not an excuse for the school-to-prison pipeline that we have grown accustomed to. Our urban districts are more segregated than ever. So instead of creating more charters, magnet schools, and special schools for a handful of kids, Democrats should be demanding that we put a good public school in every neighborhood.

Remembering the "T" in LGBTQ. I, too, celebrated when we achieved marriage equality, but there's more to do. Banning abusive "conversion therapy" should be a top priority, and we should continue the efforts from previous sessions. 

We must also continue to be proactive in protecting transgender rights - such as making it easier to correct your birth certificate and ensuring our anti-bullying laws are being adequately enforced in our schools. There are around twenty anti-transgender bills being debated nationwide. If we don't want to join that chorus, we must raise up our voices loudly and say, No - that's not us!

Demanding a culturally-responsive education. Efforts led by Rep. Joe Salazar to create a statewide panel to evaluate our curricula on this issue failed last year - and that is nothing less than maddening.

Let's elevate Cesar Chavez day over "Columbus Day". An ethnocentric history classroom is a disservice to our students, our teachers, and our collective moral conscious. Our history books and our exams should reflect the diversity of our history - and not just during one month or a few holidays a year, but every day.

These are just a few thoughts I had on my mind. As a white male who married his high school sweetheart four decades ago, I know I am not always in the best position to be speaking authoritatively on these issues. I still have a lot to learn, and there are some things I will never truly understand. 

But I'd like to hear from you. What can we do in Colorado to advance social justice? Drop me an email at and share your thoughts.

In Solidarity,


P.S. If you want to join us at the Pride parade today, we are meeting in the yellow section at the corner of 9th and Humboldt at 8:15am. Call my cell at(303) 907-4664 if you need anything.

Lift Every Voice and Sing
Sing a song full of the faith that the dark past has taught us,
Sing a song full of the hope that the present has brought us,
Facing the rising sun of our new day begun,
Let us march on till victory is won.

Love Trumps Hate

Yesterday, 49 individuals lost their lives in a brutal attack on our humanity.

There are no words to adequately express how I feel - because "sending thoughts and prayers" don't seem to do enough when our hearts are breaking.

We must raise our voices -louder and louder- and stand up to racism, to bigotry, to sexisim, to transphobia, to homophobia. And not just today when the spotlight is on us, but every day. In our speech, our conduct, our policies and our priorities, we must ask the best parts of America to stand up to its worst parts.

Tonight, we stand with our friends in the LGBTQ community. Please join us:

  1. Tonight at 8:30, there is a vigil at Tracks, hosted by One Colorado. The addresss is 3500 Walnut St, Denver, Colorado 80205.
  2. Tomorrow evening, there will be a second vigil at Cheeseman park at 8pm, hosted by PFLAG Denver..

Love cannot heal all wounds, but it will always trump hate.

Your friend,


The place where they were attacked was more than a nightclub. It was a place of solidarity and empowerment where people come together to raise awareness, to speak their minds and fight for their civil rights.
— President Barack Obama

Why I Wear Orange

Today is National Gun Violence Awareness Day.

Yesterday's shooting at UCLA, which left two people dead, is just the most recent incident of the American epidemic of gun violence.

This issue did not start or end in Aurora or Columbine-- it's pervasive and seemingly out of control in the U.S., because so many are afraid to stand up to the opposition.

I was endorsed by Colorado Ceasefire in this race, and I'm proud to wear orange today in order to join our friends and neighbors in standing up against gun violence. 

This afternoon I will be participating in a neighborhood Block Party at Union Station to talk about this epidemic, and learn from other leaders on this issue. Together, we can make an impact and reverse the trend of unnecessary and senseless gun violence.

In Solidarity,


Proudly Endorsed By

Together, We Win: AFL-CIO Endorses Jeff Hart for HD6

I'm proud to announce that I have been endorsed by AFL-CIO Colorado, our largest statewide labor organization. Colorado AFL-CIO represents over 300,000 statewide union workers and their families.

I am the only candidate in this race to receive this honor - this endorsement required 2/3rds of the vote at the Colorado AFL-CIO Biennial COPE Convention, held last weekend.

This campaign has fought for a better, more equitable Colorado - a Colorado where every voice is heard, regardless of wealth or political position. 

I have not been shy about solidarity with the Fight for $15 movement, my support of Verizon strike workers, or my belief in kicking corporate money out of elections. 

Primaries are about our values as Democrats. As you know, I haven't taken a dime from big business groups that are fighting against a living wage, Family and Medical Leave, affordable healthcare, or economic justice.

I am proud to stand with our union brothers and sisters. I know that when we stand together, we can accomplish anything.